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12-26-2004 75 NEW PICS ADDED!

Feliz Navidad y Prosperos Años!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Today you will find 75 new pics in the Photos section, as well as a bit of a change in how the page looks.  Nothing major, just changed the navigation a bit to make it easier to get around  I 'm trying to do as many updates as I can to the site because in March, I won't have as nearly as much time.  I still have a lot more pics to add, so be on the lookout for those in the future!

12-22-2004 New Message Forum Added!

This just in!  I added a message forum, something that I've been wanting to do for a while now, to the Home page.  Just look for the Bravenet button underneath Selena's flashing picture.  You can talk about the topics listed or start a new topic of your own.  Just make sure it has something to do with Selena, Tejano music, stuff like that (not about how you hate your neighbor's dog and stuff!). Happy Posting!

12-21-2004 Selena Videos

I just happened to be browsing the internet and I came across these Selena videos at (some of y'all might already know about these, but oh, well, better late than never!).  They have several Selena videos posted.  *Click on the pic  below (which is also posted in the Links section) to see those listed You will need either Windows Media Player or Real Player to see the videos. 
clicking on the pic will take you out of Selena's Room.

Selena Videos @!

Videos Listed @


Amor Prohibido


No Me Queda Mas


Bidi Bidi Bom Bom


Potpourri (Live)

12-17-2004 Happy Holidays, Selena Fans!
Updates for today:

1. Lyrics Added
bulletLa Llamada
bulletDulce Amor
bulletWhere Did The Feeling Go?

2. Unfortunately, I will be removing some of the links in the Links
section to some of the articles about Selena. I didn't know that you
need a password to get to the articles, and I don't have it and can't get it. The articles are available at my job, but from home, it's not accessible. I will try to find better links to replace those that
will be removed. Sorry.

3. There is one new link for Selena's trial. It will take you to a page of links surrounding her murder trial.

4. Finally, I am working on getting up some new pics of our gal
Selena and a message/discussion board. They are not up yet, but will be coming in the near
(hopefully) future.

05-19-2004 New Lyrics!!
4 new songs added today!!
bulletAlways Mine
bulletIs It The Beat?
bulletA Boy Like That
bulletA Million To One


05-07-2004 New Photos Added!!

I added a new photo page today with new photos of Selena, thanks to  Check 'em out!  (hint:  the link to the next photo page is at the bottom of the one you're looking at en español.  It says 'más fotos, y más fotos, etc.).



There are several new links posted.  The ones without a banner are links to educational websites about Selena.  This is a great help if you or anyone you know decides to write a paper for school about Selena, or if you just want more info on who our Reína is!  The source of the articles are listed as well.
     In addition, there are new lyrics and two new pics posted.  Enjoy!



Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

*today's educational updates brought to you by Student Resource Center

04-23-2004 New Songs Posted Today:
bulletCall Me
bulletCaptive Heart
bulletDreaming Of You
bulletGive Me One More Chance
bulletGod's Child
bulletI Could Fall In Love
bulletMissing My Baby

More to come . . . check back often!  


Yes!!  It's finally here!!  The grand launch of the new Selena's Room.  The new site has an updated look  as well as a few new surprises!  The site is much, much, MUCH easier to navigate.  No more frustrating frames!  Also, no more annoying pop-up adds.  (okay, so I lied.  Tripod still makes me use pop up ads!  12-22-2004).Those things used to get on my last of the last nerve!  I am still working to put the finishing touches on the site so check back often for new and exciting things here!  Enjoy!