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This month's poll concerns the Lyrics page at Selena's Room.  Currently, when you click on a title, it takes you directly to the beginning of the song - on the same page.  If you scroll down past the list of songs available, you will see all of the lyrics of all of the songs.  By switching to a different format, each song will pop up in a new window instead of just scrolling down to the song's beginning.  Listed below are the pros and cons of switching to this new way of doing things vs. the old way.  You can read and decide for yourself and then vote as you please.  Votes are limited to one vote per day.

Pros (the good stuff) of Switching to "The New Way"


You can print out the lyrics and have that song only print out (not a million pages of all the songs).


You can look at more than one song at a time (they will pop up in a new window).

Cons (the bad stuff) of Switching to "The New Way"


Every time you click on a new song, a new Tripod advertisement will pop up along with it (sorry, guys.  I don't have control over this as of right now).


If you don't close out the window with the song in it before you pick another, you will have a bunch of windows open at the same time.

Okay, you've heard both sides.  Now go vote !  Go on, do your thing! 


  If you don't see the poll above, click here to take it anyway: Lyrics Poll: